Sore Toes

PV 06 feetDear Friends,

Last week, I had an argument with my partner, with whom I’ve been married for 26 years. I was showing him around my new office space, and he made a joke about it. Something to the effect that he was going to use it when he needed to get away from his office. You wouldn’t think that would be a big problem, but by the time we got home, I could feel the anger rising in me.

When he made…

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Plans vs. Possibilities

IMG_4416Dear Friends,

A few weeks ago, I invited a friend to visit me in DC and I planned a relaxing weekend for the two of us in the Virginia mountainside. A week before the visit, another friend let me know that she happened to be coming to DC for a meeting that same weekend. I realized that my well thought out plans would have to change, and I started fretting and ruminating about it. Something…

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Shocking News

hanna near bell at PlumDear Friends,

I used to smoke cigarettes, on occasion I still do, and two of my adult children are smokers. I often hear people wonder aloud how anyone can continue to smoke when they know how bad it is for them. The same question is often asked about over-eating, drinking, posting on Facebook, and other habits that often cause suffering but that we can’t seem to stop doing.

I remember once, on a…

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Can a mouse go to the moon?

Can a mouse go to the moon?

Apodemus_sylvaticus_bosmuisDear Friends,

I have been staying at a guesthouse in the countryside for the last week. This morning as I was lying in bed, I watched a mouse run out of my bedroom, into the kitchen, and disappear somewhere out of view. I didn’t jump up or get excited, but seeing the mouse definitely put me on edge. When I finally got up, I stepped cautiously across the floor where I had last seen her.

Quite a…

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Over-scheduling and Aimlessness

tea on the porchDear Friends,

At a party several weeks ago, a friend of mine expressed her hurt and disappointment because I hadn’t found the time to get together with her during the previous six months. My extremely insensitive answer was, “Well you’re not the only one, I just canceled lunch this week with K.” Later that week, a different friend told me about calling her sister, a very important and busy…

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How to Survive a Storm

How to Survive a Storm

mountain house snow smallDear Friends,

Last month, someone asked me how I got a tan on my face in the middle of the winter. So I explained. My 22-year-old daughter Hanna and I were at our mountain cabin during a snowstorm which dropped two feet of snow there in the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains. It was lovely and idillic, especially as we sat by the wood stove reading and chatting.

The day after the snowstorm the sun…

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